Volusia County Sheriff's Office is asking people not to dress up like clowns for Halloween


  • Photo via itthemovie.com
Halloween is no time for clowning around, says Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

In a post made yesterday from their official Facebook page, VCSO warned citizens to not dress up as clowns for Halloween after a clown attacked an 11-year-old in DeLand on Oct. 16.

"Warning to evil clowns and anyone considering creepy clown activity: We will not be there to save you if your intended target defends himself or herself, and you may face other penalties as well," reads the post. 

On Monday morning, a young boy cycling to school in claimed to be nearly assaulted by clown who leapt out at him from behind bushes. The man, wearing "blue clown hair", a "red foam nose", and with a "rainbow painted face", gave short chase while the boy swatted at him with a selfie-stick, before the colorful assailant tripped and fell.

Florida has a long terrible history with clown-related crimes. Just last month, the suspected clown-killer, Sheila Keen Warren, was arrested for the 1990 slaying of Marlene Warren in her South Florida driveway. Witnesses say Sheila Warren wore "an orange wig and a painted on smile", according to the Washington Post, and offered flowers and balloons to Marlene Warren before fatally shooting her.

Clown costumes are likely to be a popular choice this year thanks to the success of IT, now the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie of all time.