Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer better grow a big beefy goatee for Movember


An artist's rendition of a possible Dyer beard. - GRAPHIC BY CHRIS TOBAR RODRIGUEZ
  • Graphic by Chris Tobar Rodriguez
  • An artist's rendition of a possible Dyer beard.
We are now two days into Movember, the annual nationwide event where normally smooth-faced men (and women) attempt to grow facial hair in an effort to raise awareness/money for men's health issues. 

So far, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer still hasn't said whether or not we can expect some stubble on his otherwise baby-faced chin.

The mayor responded to a tweet from Orlando Weekly today saying that the city will just have to wait and see.

Oh, come on. 
Right now there's a good chance that Buddy is looking in the mirror, with a Schick Hydro in hand, debating on whether or not to commit to a Movember beard project. We say do it.

Last year, Dyer produced a nice, respectable face carpet and though there was some speculation that he may have shaved, we think he's capable of even more.

So, grow a big beefy goatee, Mr. Mayor. Take it to the limit.
Last year's results. - PHOTO VIA TWITTER
  • Photo via Twitter
  • Last year's results.