CrossCurrents bridges genres and cultures at the Bob Carr


Zakir Hussain - JIM MAGUIRE
  • Jim Maguire
  • Zakir Hussain
Voltron-like, CrossCurrents brings together unparallelled masters of different genres to form a whole greater than its parts. Indian classical music finds its supreme guru in Zakir Hussain, a tabla player who deploys his formidable skills with devilishly fast fingers and an equally devilish sense of humor. Bassist Dave Holland is widely known for his place in Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew ensemble, but locals may appreciate another of his positions more: He was part of the legendary 1970s-era Sam Rivers trio. Bollywood giant Shankar Mahadevan takes on vocals, with Nepalese jazz pianist Louiz Banks, drummer (and Louiz’s son) Gino Banks, guitar virtuoso Sanjay Divecha and innovative NYC saxophonist Chris Potter rounding out the stage. All members of the ensemble possess a genre-bending flexibility and fluency matched by peerless artistry, and all are the kind of musicians who might agree with Sam Rivers’ take on music: “Don’t leave anything out – play all of it.” Consider your ears, and toes, forewarned.

7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4 | Bob Carr Theater, 401 W. Livingston St. | 844-513-2014 | | $30-$100