Florida snake hunter catches record-setting 17-foot Burmese python


  • Screengrab via SFWM
A snake hunter who currently holds the title for catching the largest Burmese python in Florida bagged another record-breaking serpent this past week.

Last Friday, Dec. 1, Jason Leon captured a 17-foot, 132-pound female Burmese python, the largest in the South Florida Water Management District’s ongoing hunt.

While last week's catch is big (taller than two Yao Mings), it still falls short of Leon's other snake-hunting accomplishments. Leon also holds the record for the largest snake ever caught in Florida for a monster he brought in back in 2013 that came in at 18 feet, 8 inches. 

So far, the South Florida Water Management snake hunting program has helped capture 738 invasive snakes this year. The district pays hunters $8.10 an hour to hunt these beasts, plus bonuses based on size.