Will's Pub hosts a 'pick your poison' of local music at A Very Will’s NYE


  • Photo by Mike Dunn

Taking all the tiresome decision-making out of New Year’s Eve – the kind of endless back-and-forth dithering that can have you dazedly watching Ryan Seacrest do his best Dick Clark-as-a-mannequin in Times Square routine while you eat dip without chips before you know it – the Will’s Complex of Will’s Pub, Lil Indies and Dirty Laundry is offering something for every musical taste on this most “something” of nights out. And it really does encapsulate the Cerberus-headed triad of New Year’s Eve emotions. Pick your poison from the open-hearted and full-throated romanticism of Otis Redding as rendered by the Legendary JC’s at Will’s, the sodden and cynical deep-dive melancholy of Tom Waits as performed by Kaleigh Baker & Her Enablers at Indies, or behind door No. 3, screaming “Fuck You!” at the world as you slowly go hoarse and deaf at Dirty Laundry, ears ringing from a playlist of the best/worst in arrested-development heavy metal. Either way you win/lose.

Sunday, Dec. 31 | 8 p.m. | Lil Indies, Dirty Laundry and Will’s Pub, 1036-1042 N. Mills Ave. | willspub.org | free-$15