Mark Wahlberg reminds us he has two Orlando restaurants, and that he's down with local sports opinions


  • Screengrab via Whalburgers
Yesterday, actor Mark Wahlberg gave a shoutout to not only the undefeated UCF football squad, but also to any potential burger eaters coming to Orlando for the upcoming Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium.

In a Facebook message to the burger-eating public, Wahlberg kicked things off by plugging his two Orlando-area Wahlburger restaurants.

"Welcome to Orlando and the Pro Bowl, I'm Mark Wahlberg, and I'd like to invite you to come visit us at Wahlburgers at South Orange right near the stadium," said Wahlberg. "Or, you can visit our newest location at Waterford Lakes Town Center and grab yourself a Thanksgiving Day burger, my personal favorite, or an OFD burger to celebrate your team's win, or comfort your loss." 

But Wahlberg wasn't here to just talk burgers. No, he also wanted to let the Orlando area know that he's down with the widespread sports opinions of anyone within close proximity of his burger restaurants.

"I’d also like to give a shout-out to co-national champions UCF on their remarkable undefeated season. Congratulations guys, that’s what we do. God bless."

Thank you, Mark.