Tori Tori Japanese Pub coming to Mills 50 this summer


Sonny Nguyen, chef/owner of DOMU at East End market, will open a traditional Japanese pub in the Mills 50 District this summer.

  • Sonny Nguyen
Tori Tori, a play off "yakitori," will open in the space next to King Bao at 720 N. Mills Ave.

Nguyen, who's partnering on the project with local restaurateur Johnny Tung, is keeping mum on Tori Tori's menu offerings, but you can probably expect to see Nguyen's renditions of chicken grilled over binchotan charcoal.

So why a Japanese pub/izakaya?
Sonny Nguyen - ROB BARTLETT
  • Rob Bartlett
  • Sonny Nguyen

"I felt like I had to do more for our city to really put us on the map," said Nguyen. "I felt like there was a missing piece that I think the people of our city deserve to experience."

Expect Tori Tori to adhere to true Japanese roots and traditions but, says Nguyen, "I'll have my modern take on a lot of things."

The concept is part of the "DOMU Dynasty," aka the "Double-D Group," which is the new umbrella for all of Nguyen's current and future concepts.

"Expect the concept to come from 'me'," says Nguyen, and for it to "pack an edge of going against the grain."

Can't wait to go along with you, Sonny.

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