The Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota is getting a $130 million facelift


This afternoon, the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota announced a new $130 million upgrade from their current facility.

According to a press release, the center will soon be renamed to the Mote Science Education Aquarium, and will more than double in size at a whopping 110,000 square feet.

While the new facility will move from the current location at Ken Thompson Parkway to 5-acres of land in Nathan Benderson Park, arguably the biggest news is that the new aquarium will resemble some sort of space-themed bathtub.

The new facility will hold 1 million gallons of exhibit water for the public to view marine life, as well as expanding the areas for its research and education programs. 
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"We are now taking the next and biggest step in becoming a truly world-class marine research laboratory. Relocating our aquarium will give us the space needed to expand and upgrade our research labs. Our new aquarium, when completed, will be a spectacular venue for our educational endeavors and will create an incredible regional visitor attraction," said Robert Essner, chairman of Mote's Board of Trustees.

The project is being funded by a fundraising effort called Oceans for All: Improving Access to Marine Science and Technology, according to a news release.

More details on the project are expected as we get closer to the construction in 2019. 

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