Joey Chestnut returns to defend his reign at Orlando's World Chili Eating Challenge this weekend


  • Photo via LegendLarrys/Flickr
The world's best in the incredibly messy sport of competitive eating are coming to Orlando this Saturday for the World Chili Eating Challenge at the 9th Annual Northwestern Mutual Chili Cook-off.

The competition is set to kick off at 4:30 p.m, while the Chili Cook-off goes from noon to 6 p.m.

Chestnut remains undefeated on the Orlando Chili Cook-off stage. Last year, Chestnut proved himself to be the Michael Jordan of chili consumption with his fifth consecutive win at the competition. He finished 2.1875 gallons in six minutes. It was a close call, though, with second-place participant Carmen Cincotti finishing just 8 ounces short of Chestnut.

The two chili-chowing champs will compete against Miki Sudo, who is ranked third in the world (first among women) and a host of other challengers.
  • Photo via Miki Sudo/Instagram
Featured competitors (in ranking order)
1- Joey Chestnut #1, San Jose, CA
2- Carmen Cincotti, #2, East Windsor, NJ
3- Geoffrey Esper #4 Oxford, MA
4- Miki Sudo, #5, Las Vegas, NV
5- Gideon Oji, #6, Nigeria
6- Darron Breeden, #8, Orange, VA
7 - Badlands Booker, #18, Selden, NY

for the 2018 Orlando Chili Cook-off start at $15, and VIP tickets are still available for $45. Admission for children under 6 is free.

Check out a video of last year's competition here.