Orlando is the worst city in the country for pollen levels right now


  • Photo via Brooke Novak on Flickr
Orlando is basically a hellmouth for pollen, and although spring is still a month away, Satan's nature dust is already wreaking havoc on Central Florida.

Right now, Orlando is the worst location in the country for pollen levels, according to Pollen.com, a website that provides allergy information and up-to-the-minute forecasts on pollen in your area.

Pollen levels are placed on a scale from 0 to 12, with 12 being the worst. Orlando pollen levels have been between 9 and 11 since the beginning of this month. As of now, Orlando is a little over 11, and under current trends it will likely increase.

According to Weather.com's projections, the next seven days will be brutal.
Officials say the cause of the pollen accumulation from oak trees is the mix of cold nights, warm days, and a lack of rain and wind, creating the perfect environment for runny eyes, splitting sinus headaches, scratchy throats and explosive sneezing.

The City Beautiful isn't the only city seeing high levels of pollen – West Palm Beach, Key West and Miami are also among the worst cities for allergy sufferers.

Time to stock up on antihistamines. And Tylenol. And whiskey.