After defending the NRA, Marco Rubio's approval rating is at an all time low


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After explaining to a Parkland shooting survivor that he'll continuing taking money from the NRA because they "buy into his agenda," Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's approval rating is now at an all time low.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll out Tuesday, Rubio
approval rating is now at a measly 38 percent, down 8 whole points from the last time Quinnipiac conducted a survey specifically on the junior Senator back in July of 2016.

The numbers reveal that the only groups to approve of Rubio's job performance are white men and Republicans, while the other 53 percent of his constituents think he's shitting the bed. 

From the Quinnipiac University poll:
Republicans and white men are the only listed party, gender, education, age or racial groups to approve. Sen. Rubio's approval rating among Republicans is a lackluster 65 - 24 percent.

Disapproval is 49 - 44 percent among white voters, 63 - 28 percent among black voters and 66 - 27 percent among Hispanic voters.

For some comparison, Rubio's highest approval rate was 57 percent back in August of 2015, according to Quinnipiac.
Another little tidbit worth noting in this most recent poll is that Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating is at an all time high, sitting now at 49 percent.

Since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students and teachers dead, Scott has bucked his friends at the NRA, demanding a three day waiting period, and an age restriction on purchasing assault-style rifles.

The poll surveyed 1,156 Florida voters from Feb. 23-26, and has a margin of error is 3.6 percentage points, says Quinnipiac.