Vegan-friendly ice cream shop Greenery Creamery now open in downtown Orlando


  • Photo via The Greenery Creamery/Instagram
You know the saying: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream."

A new ice cream boutique The Greenery Creamery opened its doors Monday, serving up unique flavors that are dairy-based along with some vegan-friendly options.

The shop is located in Thornton Park, near Lake Eola at 420 E. Church St.

They're scooping up soft delectable creamy goodness that is made with, more often than not, organically and locally sourced ingredients.

Ice cream flavors range from matcha cream to their vegan black ash coconut that is made from toasted coconut and "certified organic black ash." (They don't get too specific, but other ice cream shops offering this flavor use either activated charcoal or charcoal made from burning coconut shells.) You can also choose a black ash or ube (Asian purple yam) waffle cone to hold your frozen dessert.
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