Following Disney, Universal says they will also increase employee wage gap


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After Disney announced an impressive pay package for CEO Bob Iger, Universal followed suit and also increased their employee wage gap.

In a prepared statement, NBCUniversal announced this week it would maintain their median pay of $9 an hour for low-level employees, and bravely push CEO Stephen B. Burke's salary to a competitive and healthy $49 million. 

"Here in Orlando, we're in a hyper-competitive market," says Universal Orlando communications manager Amanda Dada. "We need to make sure our employees know we have a nice, stable wage gap. If Disney ups their CEO's salary, then we have to follow suit."

Universal following Disney isn't anything new. "This happens all the time," says theme park blogger Joshua Holstead. "Parks need to make sure they keep their CEOs happy, and nothing affects the morale of a company more than a paper-thin wage gap." 

In related news, Disney also said they would claw back their previously announced $1,000 bonuses from anyone who mentions the wage gap.

This story is 100 percent satire. Nothing you read here is remotely true. Happy April Fools' Day.