Bull and Bush hosts a comedic trio with 'Pretty Little Pints' podcast


  • Jon Yehling
There’s a lot going on at the Bull & Bush this Saturday. The “Pretty Little Pints” po dcast, a show where ladies drink and talk about stuff with notable local guests, holds a “Cabana Boy” competition – which might be a little too esoteric if you don’t listen to the show. It’s followed by the second annual Mickmas comedy showcase – named in honor of birthday boy comedian Mickey Mick. But the real highlight of the evening comes in the form of the Giggle Goofs – a lightning-round comedy showcase where anyone – especially those who have never done stand-up before – is invited to come to the mic for one minute to test the waters as a comedian. Sweat it out for the full 60 seconds, and you can walk away with one whole American dollar and the opportunity to introduce yourself as a “professional comedian” for the rest of your life.

7 p.m. Saturday, June 23 | The Bull & Bush Pub, 2408 E. Robinson St. | 407-896-7546 | bullandbushorlando.com | prettylittlepints.libsyn.com | free