Orlando has more fast food chains per capita than anywhere else in the country


  • Photo by the_bigfatfoodie via Instagram
If it seems like Orlando has a fast food restaurant on almost every corner, it's because we do.

According to study from Datafiniti, a web data collection business,
Orlando is the number one city in the nation for fast food chains, with 18.4 locations per 100,000 residents, followed by Cincinnati with 13.2 locations per capita, and Las Vegas with 13.1.

To accumulate the information, Datafiniti looked locations for restaurants across the nation and adjusted for each city's population. As for cities with the least amount of fast food chains, New York City took the top spot, with .6 restaurants per capita. Ventura, CA and Bronx trail closely behind.

Although Orlando is the city with the most fast food restaurants per capita, the state of Florida actually ranks 38th in the country, with Alabama as the country's fast food king.

The study also looked at how prevalent McDonald's locations are nationwide. Unsurprisingly, Orlando also placed No. 1 for the most McD's locations, with 20.9 per 100,000 residents.

From Datafiniti:
Orlando, FL tops the list at 20.9 fast food restaurants per 100K residents with two other major cities in Florida, Miami at 13.0 and Tampa at 9.3, making it in the top ten. We also see that McDonald’s is popular nationwide with Las Vegas, NV at 13.9, Minneapolis, MN at 10.4, and Buffalo, NY at 9.7 also making the list. For cities with the fewest McDonald’s per capita, five of the top ten are in California, with Ventura, CA taking the top spot at just 0.4.

Though McDonald's seem to be everywhere, Subway actually has the most locations nationally, accounting for 18.6 percent of restaurants out of the data set. McDonald's follows somewhat closely behind with 11. 3 percent of the total restaurants, then Burger King with 5.7 percent.

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