Anime Fun Shop hosts Montreal loop artist Kee Avil


  • Amélie Mel
  • Kee Avil
Montreal’s Vicky Mettier, better known as Kee Avil, deals in loop-based guitar and vocal music that displays a much wider, and more visceral, palette of emotions and textures than many in-vogue types do with that exact tool set. Songs may start like a gentle homage to Helium but then quickly become an angular, disorienting collage of devotional music and Fred Frith-style guitar freakouts. Constantly harrowing. And there’s more! For all intents and purposes a mini-fest, this collaboration between SR50 Magazine and Anime Fun Shop also includes Gainesville’s devotional-phantasmagorics Time, and a host of young locals redefining traditional noise narratives into new and exciting loudness.

with Time, Her Sharpness, DJ DeviantArt Heaux, Jawl-Nini, L.H. Belle, Gay-Z | 9 p.m. Sunday, July 15 | Anime Fun Shop, 647 N. Mills Ave. | | $3

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