Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Infowars host Alex Jones are fighting


  • Screen grab via Facebook.com/RepresentativeMattGaetz
After U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz denounced his appearance on the conspiracy-centered website Infowars, the show's host, Alex Jones, apparently got his feelings a little hurt.

According to the website Right Wing Watch, it all began last week when Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, told Hill.TV that he regretted speaking on the show and acknowledged the damage caused by Jones' rantings about such things as, say, the Sandy Hook massacre being a hoax – for which he's being sued.

Jones' response: Gaetz looks "like a possum ate a pile of crap."

And so the feud began, as feuds between oddball libertarian types do. In an Infowars episode earlier this week, Jones continued his rhetorical tar-and-feathering, saying, "Matt Gaetz was busy last week licking globalist booty."

Jones added, with a few references to himself in third person: "Oh, this little candy-ass is scared of us. He threw Alex under the bus and went along with the lie that Alex Jones says nobody died at Parkland – total horse manure."

Jones followed that up by calling Gaetz a "follower" and saying he was supposed to be a "maverick" like President Donald Trump.

"These people are running rings around you, f-ing you and this whole country over, thinking we're stupid with shadow-bans and all the rest of the incredible criminal crap they're pulling," Jones said.

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