Where are you, Storm?


The search for an escaped pet kangaroo in a South Florida neighborhood is now in its second day.

The 5-year-old marsupial, named "Storm," somehow escaped from an animal sanctuary in the Jupiter Farms area of Palm Beach County on Tuesday morning. Since then, multiple videos have surfaced showing Storm wandering through Florida neighborhoods.

Today, more than a dozen officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have joined the search.

Eric Westergard, the owner of the animal sanctuary, told the Palm Beach Post that he doesn't know how the kangaroo escaped. We also know very little on why the kangaroo is still running, but in a way we're all running from something, aren't we?

If you're in the area, be on the lookout for a 4-foot tall, 45-pound deer-like animal with the face of a llama, rabbit ears, massive hind legs and a long beefy rat-ish tail.

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