Central Florida will soon have its first combined coffee shop and off-leash dog park


If you love "good bois" and good coffee, you'll love the new planned combination shop and off-leash dog park from Central Florida's Cups and Pups Coffee.

Owners Matt and April Guldi have decided to expand from their current mobile cart coffee business at 6612 N. Orange Blossom Trail in Lockhart.

Their plans involve renovating a 1959 Airstream trailer to act as a walk-up coffee window, adding an 8,000 square-foot off-leash dog park and an additional smaller park for dogs under 30 pounds.

“We want to bring together every aspect of our local community where people can enjoy quality coffee and bring their animals and their kids," Matt Guldi says in a statement. "The person who is really into coffee will enjoy our craft offerings, but a casual coffee drinker who loves dogs will feel welcome in our space. We want to expand the reach and relationship that we’ve built with locals in the past year at our coffee cart, while creating a safe space where everyone leaves happier than they came."

Cups and Pups are funding their project through an Indiegogo campaign. For more details you can visit their website.

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