Orange County Sheriff Department K9 named 'Trump' is officially a mediocre meme


From Billy Corgi-an to Celine Pee-on, Digmund Freud to Fleas Witherspoon, dogs named after famous people are a thing because it's always been a thing.

But the Orange County Sheriff's Office naming one of their newest K9s "Trump" has since turned into a full-fledged Facebook meme and prompted a potential policy change in terms of who law enforcement officials can name their dogs after.

One of the memes shows an OSCO deputy's patrol car, with a decal of the pup and his name, with the words, "Atta boy, Trump!"


The other – above – is a rendition of the well-worn "trigger the libs" approach. Just classic.

OSCO confirmed the pup's name to Orlando Weekly, and said there's currently no policy that "address how K9s should be named."

"We are aware that this is being shared on social media," a spokesperson at OSCO said. "In the future, the Sheriff's Office may consider directing Deputies to avoid naming their K9 partners after real people."

The spokesperson said the Sheriff's Office acquired the pup in March 2018, and he was put into service in June.

Let's hope he's more effective than the dude he's named after.

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