Orlando Meats to open pizza concept inside Orange County Brewers downtown


Eliot Hillis (L) and Seth Parker (R) of Orlando Meats - MIKEY MUNDON
  • Mikey Mundon
  • Eliot Hillis (L) and Seth Parker (R) of Orlando Meats
The geniuses over at Orlando Meats are getting into the pizza game.

Eliot Hillis, culinary director and co-owner of Orlando Meats with Edgar Massoni, says they'll open a pizza concept called Recess inside Orange County Brewers next week.

Recess will take over the space that was recently vacated by Pizza Bruno.

Hillis says Recess's pies will be Neapolitan-style, but the dough will incorporate alkaline water to create a little more chew in the crust, plus he'll add malt for a more uniform caramelization.
Orange County Brewers - ROB BARTLETT
  • Rob Bartlett
  • Orange County Brewers
"I have a deep love and respect for those that make a fine pie," Hillis says.

"All I did was to try and accentuate the things that I love most about good pizza — the chew and crunch, the sour and sweet. I wanted my slice to stand at attention while folded and still have a yielding bite."

Hillis and Orlando Meats chef de cuisine Seth Parker are still tweaking the menu, but here's a taste of the pies to expect:
  • Rabbit food: Confit carrot, smoked tomato, scallion, mushroom
  • Miss piggy: mozzarella, Swiss, ham, fermented shallot, whipped garlic confit
  • Bride of Frankenstein: mozzarella, pesto, italian sausage
  • Red head: cheddar, guanciale, broccoli, green goddess, pomodoro
  • Hell songs: fresh mozzarella, pickled serrano, fried batter, kewpie
  • Hannah: mushrooms, peaches, parm, pickled ramp, alfredo base
The name "Recess," BTW, is a reference to the courthouse just up the road.

Recess will, umm, be in session May 15 and, umm, open to judging. (Sorry)

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