Disney's new French Riviera-inspired restaurant, Topolino's Terrace, now open for reservations


  • Photo via The Disney Food Blog

Disney fanatics have long anticipated the opening of the new character dining experience, Topolino's Terrace, since it was first announced  January 2019. Now Disney lovers are one step closer, as reservations for the Riviera-inspired restaurant in Disney's Riviera Resort open today.

Topolino's Terrace, set to open Dec. 16, is named after the Italian name for Mickey Mouse, "Topolino." The French/Italian-cuisine restaurant will offer a character dining breakfast and a dinner service, both located at the very top of Disney's Riviera Resort with sweeping rooftop views.

The breakfast will include a fresh assortment of pastries and a choice of entrees including gruy√®re quiche with house-made pancetta, sour cream waffles, wood-fired butcher's steak, smoked salmon, spiced sausage hash, a plant based "egg" omelet and more.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck will all be included in the character dining experience and will be dressed in stylish and unique French Riviera-appropriate outfits.

Dining plans will not be not accepted at Topolino's Terrace, and dinner prices range from $35 to $60-plus for adults. Pricing for the character breakfast has not yet been released.

Reservations, open today, can be made up to 180 days prior to visits and are very limited. To find out more or to make a reservation, click here.

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