Dexter’s owners will open New Standard in the old TR Fire Grill space in Winter Park


  • Photo by Faiyaz Kara
UPDATED with a correction to the new restaurant name; it will be known as Dexter's New Standard, not simply New Standard.

You already know that Dexter's in Winter Park will be relocating into the old TR Fire Grill space in the Ravaudage complex in Winter Park (you did know that, right?).

What you may not know is that the restaurant will be called Dexter's New Standard because, umm, Dexter's will set a new standard in dining?

OK, that's mere speculation, but what I do know about Dexter's New Standard is that a) it will have an entirely new menu, different than Dexter's Winter Park, and b) it will open at the end of the month.

At least that's the hope.

Late last year, a group of investors — which included Greg Peters of Graffiti Junktion — purchased Dexter's of Thornton Park and Dexter's of Winter Park, but the move of the latter to the Ravaudage complex was necessitated by the lease not being renewed at the Hannibal Square location.

That said, Dexter's Winter Park will remain open until the lease expires, even after New Standard opens (we've reached out to the ownership group for more details on how long Dexter's Winter Park will remain open).

Frank Echevarria, owner of Hospitality Investment Partners LLC, operates the Dexter's in Lake Mary, while the Dexter's in Windermere closed earlier this summer.

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