Don't miss the last hurrah of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live,' Saturday at Hard Rock


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Get your popcorn – and hankies – ready. The mad geniuses behind the seminal Mystery Science Theater 3000 have taken their show on the road and are bringing it to Orlando, and it’s going to be the curtain call for one of the most important members of their cast. (Editor's note: After this story went to print, we learned that Netflix has canceled the streaming version of the show as well.)

The MST3K Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour will be original host and series creator Joel Hodgson’s final tour as part of this ensemble, bringing an end to an amazing, subversive performance run.

The MST3K crew came to fame and built a huge cult audience with a fresh spin on the “horror host” concept: Why wait until commercial breaks to crack wise on the films, when you can do it during the films?

Now YouTube is full of their spiritual children doing “watch-alongs” and reaction videos. For this night, though, Hodgson and his faithful ’bots will be cackling over and roasting Circus of Horrors, a 1960 British film about a plastic surgeon who joins the circus, but can’t kick his addiction to operating on deformed women. Sadly, it looks like we will never get to hear “Hike Your Pants Up” – from the comedy goldmine Daddy-O episode – live. But still.

8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 30 | Hard Rock Live, 6050 Universal Blvd. | 407-351-5483 | | $33-$63