Florida’s inaugural 'Python Bowl' captures 80 Burmese pythons


Air Force veteran Dave Mucci won $1,000 for an 11-foot python - PHOTO VIA MYFWC/TWITTER
  • Photo via MyFWC/Twitter
  • Air Force veteran Dave Mucci won $1,000 for an 11-foot python
In coordination with the upcoming Super Bowl, a 10-day competition called the “Python Bowl” was held in Miami to remove invasive Burmese pythons from the Everglades, and to raise awareness of the threat they hold over Everglades restoration.

Over 750 participants wrangled 80 snakes, and 550 participated in hands-on, optional safe-capture training. The results were announced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and South Florida Water Management District at a Super Bowl Live event on Saturday, with cash and prizes awarded for the biggest, longest and most removed.

For the most removed, winners included:
  • Mike Kimmel, TRACKER 570 Off Road ATV, eight pythons
  • Kristian Hernandez, TRACKER 570 Off Road ATV, six pythons

For the longest:
  • Tom Rahill, $2,000, 12-foot, 7.3-inch python
  • Kristian Hernandez, $2,000, 11-foot, 6.5-inch python

For the heaviest:
  • Tom Rahill, $2,000, 62-pound python
  • Dave Mucci, $2,000, 49.4-pound python

This event is not the only time citizens can help control the python population.

According to the press release, anyone can hunt pythons any time on private lands with landowner permission and on 22 public lands throughout South Florida. They can even take part in ongoing trainings to learn more about how to identify and capture Burmese pythons in the wild.

Sightings of invasive species can also be reported by calling by phone at 888-IVE-GOT1 (888-483-4681), or visiting IveGot1.org.

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