More women buy houses in Central Florida's the Villages than anywhere else in the U.S.


Bet she owns her own home, as well as this sick ride - PHOTO VIA THE VILLAGES/INSTAGRAM
  • Photo via The Villages/Instagram
  • Bet she owns her own home, as well as this sick ride
Known as a horny retirement spot, a golf cart enthusiast's playpen, and scene of the Ron-and-Don show (Trump and DeSantis, that is), the Villages now has another feather to add to its cap: It's the area where more women buy houses than men at a ratio higher than anywhere else in the country.

SmartAssets did a study using data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to find the metro areas where women are buying the most homes relative to men, saying: "About 1.25 million mortgages were approved for homebuyers without cosigners in 2018. Of those, roughly 500,000 were approved for women, and close to 750,000 were approved for men." But in some metro areas, the data indicates, "women are buying more homes than men." 

In 2018, the Villages came out on top, jumping up from the third spot in 2017.

According to the study, in 2018, men in the Villages purchased 406 houses, while women nabbed 468. The 62-unit difference means "approved mortgages for women as a percentage of approved mortgages for men were more than 115%." That's the highest rate of the 400 metros in the study.

In last year's study, there was only one city – Ithaca, New York – where more women bought houses than men. This year, there were nine. Still, this year, there were none in the Northeast in which women homebuyers outpaced men.

Women homebuyers have been on the rise recently, with single women representing the second-largest homebuying group behind married couples. Single women bought a fifth of the houses sold in 2018, according to the National Association of Realtors Home Buyers and Sellers. Most are in the 72-and-up age range.

Yahoo! Finance, in another survey, found the Villages to be the area of the nation where the most seniors are prepared for retirement. 

You go buy that crib, girl (or ma'am, sorry). 

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