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Who would have thought that saving money on electricity bills could be this easy! With Blaux Portable AC, users can expect to get attractive prudential savings of hundreds of dollars on their utility bills each year. How is this possible you ask? Dive into this Blaux Portable AC Detailed Review right away to know the answer for yourself in just a few short moments.

This review will cover all important aspects relating to the distinctive design of this Portable AC, benefits, the pricing and availability of the product in the market. Therefore, it is recommended that you read this entire piece of information till the very end for a complete insight on these personal air conditioners by Blaux.

What is Blaux Portable Air Conditioner and how does it help saving money?

To begin with, it is safe to say that the unique design of Blaux Portable AC enables them to generate refreshing gushes of cool air by just costing pennies to their users.

They are durable, high in quality, budget friendly and decidedly competent delivering high performance. These aspects are forcing their competitors with a need to step up their game by a huge margin to beat the exceptional features of Blaux Portable Air Conditioners.

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These portable personal air conditioners are structured to perform multiple functions, which further enhances their cost effectiveness for interested buyers. Here is a closer look at each of the functions performed by these compact air-cooling machines:
  • Can be adapted to perform the functions of an AC as well as a fan
These flexible air conditioners can be programed to produce gushes of cool breeze in hot summers, or switched to function as a fan for some relaxing drifts of air in moderately hot days or during the spring season, when the temperatures remain within a tolerable range. The switch in functionality is achieved quiet easily, without the need of much technicality.
  • Can humidify dry indoor environment
An added function of these adaptable machines is that they can also be adjusted to work as a humidifier for providing relief in dry weather conditions. This makes them very useful for helping in keeping up with the dehydrated indoor environments created in winters due to cranked up heating. This also helps in soothing dry, parched and itchy skin that usually accompany harsh and dry surroundings.
  • Very efficient Air Purifiers
The design of these air conditioners incorporates very efficient water curtains in these portable machines that makes them exceptional for purifying indoor air from pollen, dust or other pollutants. This allows Blaux Portable Air Conditioners to multifunction as an air purifier as well, providing significant relief from conditions like congested sinuses, allergies, and asthma to their users.

The water curtain filters used in Blaux Portable ACs are replaceable and very easy to change after they reach the end of their expiration age. Extra pieces can be bought from their official website and delivered right at the doorstep for further convenience of their users.
  • Very User Friendly
All proposed variations in their functionality are very easy to make which makes them suitable to be operated by every age group except children, that too for their own safety.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable
Blaux Portable ACs are cordless and rechargeable. This feature makes them very convenient because it allows them to be used anywhere in the house without any hassle of watching out for the length of the cable or locating sockets before deciding on a preferred placement site.

All that needs to be done to get this machine running is to fill the high capacity water tank with 300 ml of water, charge the 200Ah battery with the Type-C cable included in the package, and then you are good to go and enjoy hours of cooling anywhere in an indoor setting.
  • Light in weight
The light weight of these air cooling machines further aids in their relocation between different spots of choice. All Blaux Portable ACs have a carry handle implicit to their design which makes these light weight devices even easier to be carried around indoors.
  • Can be used everywhere indoors, all year round
These small, yet powerful ‘air-conditioners’ are suitable to be literally used all year round as per the needs of their operators. This is because they function as a fan, air conditioner, air purifier and a humidifier, allowing users to select the function of that suits their needs according to the environment.

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They function well in workrooms, bedrooms, nurseries and kitchen countertops for providing soothing cool spurts of comforting personal air, without much hassles due to their light weight, cordless operation and long battery life.
  • Offers different fan speeds
When operating Blaux Portable Air Conditioners on a fan mode, users have the flexibility to select the most comforting speed from three different settings according to their needs.
  • Provides Low noise operation
The air thrusts generated through Blaux AC creates a very quiet pulsing sound, unlike traditional fans. The loud and unsettling noises created by them usually keep increasing with the speed of airflow, resulting in a disturbed sleep pattern. With Blaux Portable Air Conditioners, users can expect to tune out the loud noises and enjoy deep sleep throughout the night, or watch their kids nap comfortably in the afternoon in their nurseries.
  • Louvers provide a more directed air flow
When it comes to airflow, Blaux Portable Air Conditioners have flexible louvers that allow users to direct the air in the direction of their choice. They can put it on the desktop for example, and point the flaps of these air conditioners towards their face or arms, whatever they prefer.
  • Offers Mood Lighting
Another distinctive addition in these ACs is their inbuilt mood lighting. This is a cherry on top for the users as they also get to enjoy some intimate moments and light up their mood with this endearing feature.

What are the benefits of using Blaux Portable AC?

So far, we have taken a look at the set distinctive features of Blaux Portable AC, now let’s move on to some benefits that users can expect to get if they choose Blaux Portable Air Conditioners over other traditional cooling systems.
  • Very Affordable
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Allows long term cost savings on utility bills
  • Being cordless and battery operated gives these personal air conditioners an extra edge to be situated anywhere indoors for soothing stream of cool air
  • Ensures healthy well being by purifying indoor air in all seasons
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Provide quick and convenient delivery
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Should users be worried about anything relating to Blaux Portable AC?
Blaux Portable AC guarantees a high-quality product that provides a trouble free and consistent supply of cold air to their users. They are a convenient and budget-friendly option to tolerate the longest and hottest summer days without consistently worrying about sky rocketing electricity bills.

All monetary risks associated with the product are lifted away from the customers end because Blaux Portable AC offers a full refund and a no hassle return policy on their product. However, this policy is valid within 30 days of using these personal air conditioners.

Where can Blaux Portable Air Conditioner be purchased from?

Blaux Portable ACs are available online and can only be purchased from their official website.

All potential buyers are strictly warned to be aware of other counterfeits, and avoid being scammed by similar products sold under the name of Blaux. This product can be purchased only from its official website and not anywhere else.

Price and Availability

The developers behind Blaux Portable Air Conditioners provide different price bundles on their product for the convenience of every potential customer.

Currently, each of their packages can be availed at a fifty percent discount. This is an attractive offer in this hot summer season because all other products are mostly available at a full price during peak seasons. Keeping in mind the expected rise in temperatures world-wide, availing this offer right away seems like a smart decision on part of all potential customer, who will enjoy the benefits for many more hot seasons to come.

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The regular prices of the different packages offered with Blaux Portable Air Conditioners is as follows:

Users can purchase a single unit at a price of $89.99

If there is a need for more than one unit to meet the needs of a family, Blaux Portable Air Conditioners offer further cost savings to their customers.

They can purchase 2 units can be for $179.98


Avail cost savings by buying 3 units for $202.48


Enjoy further concessions by buying 4 units for just $247.47

These final prices of Blaux Portable AC include no hidden fees or extra charges.

However, by ordering right away and availing the fifty percent off discount, users can save more money on their purchase before the discount offer gets taken down soon. It is recommended to place orders soon because due to the effect of the global pandemic, the factories responsible for manufacturing Blaux ACs are not operating in their full capacity and the present stocks are vanishing quickly to put up with the recent increase in demands due to the hot weather.

Final Words on Blaux Portable AC Reviews

To sum up the entire review, it can be established that Blaux Portable AC is a cost saving alternative to traditional cooling systems. The only money associated with them is the purchase amount that needs to be paid just once for years of soothing cool air in summers and supplementary benefits in other seasons. The different functions that can be performed by these small ACs do not fall short of giving a complete value for money to their users.

Since more and more people will have to let go off their jobs in near future due to the domino effect of covid19, electronics like Blaux Air Conditioners that provide huge cost savings and offer utmost comfort are the need of the hour. Their developers guarantee hundred percent satisfaction on these air conditioners, and the hassle free return policies are a great motivators to give this budget friendly product at least one try.

For more information and insight, visit the official website of Blaux Portable ACs and avail the discount offers before stock runs out.

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