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The world’s gone wild over CBD products, that’s a fact. It is now a highly lucrative business worth millions of dollars. Not bad for a business that a few years ago was considered barely legal. Of course, we won't mention other non-legal activities worth even more millions!

With settling their legal status, CBD businesses and products started to flourish – everywhere. You could find CBD oil nearby, or buy it online. With that diverse offer, with CBD oil coming in lots of shapes, sizes, and potencies, one might start wondering – where to buy the best CBD oil?

Why is that important? The customer, or to be precise, a patient with a mild or more severe condition, deserves only the best quality product and the best of care. They must get proper information too, whether they are getting the real stuff or just one more shiny supplement with wild claims.

And this is hard with so many money grab CBD vendors making their way to the market. So, it is important what you are buying and where you can buy CBD products of the best quality.

How to Recognize Top-Quality CBD Oil?

It Is From Organic-grown Hemp

It looks natural – if you are buying CBD oil, you will want only the best for your body. That includes substances with a soothing effect, natural and organic. Why is that so? Hemp has the ability to take various compounds from the field and absorb it. After the refinement process, all these harmful substances stay in your CBD oil. So, organically-grown hemp is your initial proof of CBD oils quality. This way, you will be getting a product that is GMO-free and pesticide and heavy metal-free.

Also, there is a robust procedure around organic farming, and that is to avoid any pesticides, alternative treatments, or additives, so that is another proof of quality.

These procedures are closely monitored in countries like the US or the European Union. So, you might consider buying CBD oils coming from the US or EU organic hemp. 

Made With CO2 Extraction Method

The CO2 extraction method is the safest and most reliable extraction method in the CBD industry. After the liquidated CO2 evaporates, it leaves no harmful compounds as other methods do.  

It may be pricey, but the results speak for themselves. Every reputable CBD manufacturer is using CO2 extracted method for its CBD products. 

So, stay away from the brands that are using other extraction methods. It’s not worth your money or your health.  

The Difference Between CBD TypesWhile deciding for some particular CBD brand, whether you are searching for it online or buying near you, you have to look for the CBD TYPE.

And remember, it has to be displayed on the bottle label, or you might not be getting real CBD oil in the first place.

Three different types of CBD take the most significant share of the CBD market at the moment: CBD isolates, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD.

We will have a closer look at all three types, and what is the difference between them.CBD Isolates: With CBD Isolates, you are getting pure CBD, and that's it. It is, like its name says, isolated from other compounds, after the extraction. The great thing about pure CBD is that you can use it without the fear of getting high.

Broad-Spectrum: Along with the CBD, there is a handful of other beneficial compounds extracted from the whole hemp plant. All other cannabinoids, like CBT, CBG, and terpenes, as well as omega fatty acids. This type is also THC-free, or below the legal level of 0.3%.   

 Full-Spectrum Products: This type of CBD contains CBD, all additional cannabinoids, useful, nutritive compounds, and legal amounts of THC.

 There is no way that all kinds of CBD would equally fit all users. Consumers must do their homework about all the ingredients and their effects and try the product and determine what their best fit is.

Going Online

Why not going online? We Google everything – from the best pizza delivery to cosmetics. And with so much information available online, it's best to look right into your options and choose which one is the best solution for your needs.

And, this is also a great way to find a high-quality product from a reliable vendor. They usually have all the information publicly displayed on their websites, so you just have to spare a few moments for quick research.

We will help you speed up the process by telling you about which things you must consider before purchasing CBD oil.

And remember – there is nothing too good to be true. No matter how shiny or pleasant the product may look like first handed, if it doesn't show the exact potency, all the ingredients and that is lab-tested, you should keep away. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Ready to Buy CBD Oil Online or Near You?

You can buy CBD products online or at any shop nearby.  Yes, CBD became genuinely accessible to all interested customers! So, the question is whether these products are of the same reliability and quality both online or at the shop near you. 

Of course, there is never going to be the same – the offer in shops is limited and cannot guarantee the company's full info and the product itself.

On the other hand, buying CBD near you is somewhat comforting for people who are not accustomed to purchasing online or those with bad shopping experiences.

These people count on the possible advice from the shop staff, a certified pharmacist, or a CBD expert if available. It's always more comfortable to ask someone then to investigate or learn through trial and error.

And what about online?

Online is where you can find tens or even hundreds of trusted CBD companies that have been successfully selling CBD oil for years.

Using a simple online search, they would be popping in seconds with their online CBD offer.This is bliss for everyone with enough knowledge and time, willing to dive into research for the best CBD oil online. Unfortunately, many of us do not have that amount of time nor the patience to waste, so a little help from a friend us much appreciated.

Best CBD Oil to Buy Online in 2020 –Top PicksIt’s hard to run around figuring things out about how to buy the best CBD oil or any CBD product. The best options are not always the cheapest and not necessarily near you.

But, you might get a little help from a friend. We decided to check what various CBD vendors have in their CBD oil offer, and we want to share the findings with you.Here are the top three things we looked for:

● Product quality
● Product Availability
● Customer Reviews

  • When we say product quality, we have in mind things like the actual ingredients, potency, and purity, usually tested in third-party lab results.
  • The product availability is measured with whether it is available in all states, is it available online, and can you purchase it in a store nearby?
  • And the customer reviews are usually available online for every reputable CBD brand. This is a perfect vetting method, as far as they are from an independent source. Many CBD brands had third-party customer reviews platforms incorporated within their websites. But any basic online search for reviews will do the trick.
  • We chose our favorites after reviewing the products, their ingredients, and potency. Let's dive into our top choice reviews!

    Try The CBD

    Now, let’s see what Try The CBD brand has in its offer.  And it's a pretty diverse offer we have to say! From less potent oils to the high-potency CBD oils. They have an impressive list of products, and all of their CBD comes from organic farms in Colorado. The hemp is also CO2 extracted and brings all the beneficial compounds into their products. As we know, this extraction method is one of the safest in the CBD industry.

  • Try The CBD’s lowest potency CBD oil is 200 mg per bottle and has no fragrances, additives, or flavor enhancers. The oils are made with MCT as the carrier oil. It creates an all-natural specific taste without using any harmful ingredients.
  • All of their oils have no additional flavors so that you can get the natural hemp taste. We also found a great combo of CBD + CBG oil, which has 500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG in a 30ml bottle. The price of this oil is $69.
  • Try The CBD’s most potent oil is the full-spectrum CBD oil, which has 5000 mg of CBD per bottle.
  • The prices are well-balanced and depend on the CBD oil potency - 200mg of CBD THC-free bottle is $19.99, while the most potent of the THC-free type costs $149.99.
  • The prices for the full-spectrum type ranges from $34.99 for the 500mg of CBD option to $234.99 for the 5000mg of CBD bottle.
  • Another great thing - if you return the product in 30 days, you will get a full refund.


    ● Colorado-sourced hemp
    ● Independently tested ingredients
    ● A range of CBD and CBG oils in offer

    2. Purekana

    Unlike the previous brands, Purekana has four different CBD oil flavors: Mint, Vanilla, Natural, and Citrus. Their potency ranges from 300mg to 5000mg of CBD, but the most potent oils come only in the natural flavor.

    PureKana is a widely known name in the industry, and it has a great variety of products. They are also ensuring all their hemp is organic and that their products have tested negative for harmful ingredients.
    And as for the flavors, Citrus is one of our favorites. It gives a fresh note to a natural hemp taste, which is a go-to fact for many CBD users.  So, PureKana should definitely be on your shortlist.
    The price ranges from $54 for 300mg of CBD bottle, to $390 for their 5000mg Natural CBD Oil bottle.

    ● An established brand
    ● Four different flavors
    ● Lab-tested for potency and purity

    3. cbdMD

    cbdMD has also been around for a while, having a range of quality CBD oils for every taste. They also have four different flavors in their offer: Berry, Natural, Orange, and Mint, and that goes for both 30ml and 60ml bottles. And there is a potent option of 5000mg and 7500mg of CBD oil with natural and berry flavor.

    We are sticking to the hemp origin as a quality proof, so it is important to say they are also sourcing their product from US-grown hemp. They are offering full-spectrum CBD oil that has MCT oil in their base. All of their products are safe and independently tested by third-party laboratories for potency and purity. For their 30ml bottles, prices go from $29.99 for the 300mg of CBD to $339.99 for their most potent option. cbdMD also has 60ml bottles in their offer. The 1000mg of CBD option is $74.99, and for the 1500mg of CBD option, you will pay $99.99. 

    ● Tested for quality
    ● Popular flavors
    ● Most potent options
    ● 30-day money-back guarantee

    4. HealthworxCBD

    Let’s say that HealthworxCBD deserves a spot in our top favorites! Starting from hemp origin – they grow their hemp organically in Colorado – a good sign for the best possible quality. Also, the hemp in their oils is CO2 extracted. This method extracts the compounds from the hemp plant, without any of the chemicals involved. The CO2 extraction method is one of the safest ways in the CBD industry.
  • Their CBD oil has all-natural ingredients, and besides the pure active CBD, their oils contain organic MCT coconut oil as carrying oil.
  • We also didn’t find any herbicides, heavy metals, or pesticides, all thanks to their visible lab results. To ensure the purity and potency of each product, each product batch is tested in third-party laboratories. All lab results are available online on every product page.
  •  HealthworxCBD contains only natural hemp plant ingredients – the stuff that is beneficial to your overall wellness. This fact ensures that this oil may not cause any of the side effects.
  • But one should be aware of the potency and the type of CBD, because they offer oils from 200mg to 5000mg of active CBD, in full-spectrum, terpene enhanced and THC-free variation.
  • With all the terpenes and cannabinoids in the full-spectrum option, you can expect more potent effects. And the terpene enhanced CBD oil option has four different mood options: relax, sleep, energy, and focus. It is worth trying, even if you are a seasoned CBD user.
  • Prices for their 15ml bottles range from $17.99 for the 200mg of CBD option to $149.99 for 3000mg of CBD.
  • As for the full-spectrum CBD oil prices, the cheapest option is $34.99 for a 15ml bottle and 500mg of CBD. You can also find a 30ml bottle option for $80.99 with 1500mg of CBD and the 5000mg of CBD bottle costs $199.
  • All four terpene enhanced CBD oils cost $149.99 and have 3000 of active CBD per 15ml bottle.

    ● Organic hemp from Colorado
    ● No pesticides or heavy metals
    ● Third-party lab tested
    ● Available in seven different types of potency

    5. Medterra

    As they proudly stated on their website, CBD tinctures are their most popular product. All their tinctures are sourced from Kentucky-grown hemp and contain 0% of THC, with 99%+ CBD and MCT Coconut Oil in strengths of 500mg, 1000mg and 3000mg.

    Medterra also has broad-spectrum oils, containing cannabinoids and compounds such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, and natural terpenes, along with the CBD. This oil comes in a natural, mild citrus and strawberry flavor option and has 1000mg and 2000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. There is also a CBD+CBG option, for those who only want to combine these two potent cannabinoids. They currently have the 1000mg and 2000mg of CBD option in their offer. And there is one interesting product in Medterra’s offer - their CBD Immune Boost Drops. They combine 750ml of CBD with Elderberry, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Ginger Root, Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, and Lemon Balm. It costs $39.99. No doubt that these are all-natural compounds with years of usage worldwide. But, you should check if they could fit your overall wellness standards. The price range of THC-free tinctures is: $34.99 for 500mg of CBD, $55.99 is the 1000mg option and the 3000mg CBD option costs $132.99. Broad-spectrum oils are $59.99 and $99.99 for 1000mg and 2000mg of CBD options. You can find 1000mg CBG+CBD Oil Tincture for $79, while the 2000mg option is $129. 

    ● 0% of THC in all products
    ● Citrus and Natural Flavor
    ● Broad-spectrum and CBD+CBG option
    ● 30-day money-back guarantee

    Opting to Buy CBD Oil Near You

    There’s always an option to buy CBD oil locally. It is easier for many as it offers the benefit of human contact, whether at a local dispensary or a pharmacy. You get to speak with an actual person who may help you read the QR code or tell you what the heck are these ingredients along with the CBD.

    And if the label reads well, you’ll have the chance to buy the product right over-the-counter. There is no shipping and waiting.

    But, buying CBD oil locally has its limitations. Many stores nearby have limited offerings, and you'll get to choose only between a few brands.

    And usually, there won't be all top-of-the-line brands like we mentioned in our top picks earlier. You'll get to choose from the cheapest options with poorly packaging and one or two top brands.

    That counts for different products, too – if you have the chance to buy quality CBD oil, maybe you wouldn't have the option to find all the brands' products.

    We know that top brands offer a range of different CBD products, so if you are interested in trying their CBD gummies or topicals, maybe you won’t be able to find them all in one place.

    And we mentioned quality – it would be hard to find quality CBD oils at a local store or dispensary. It’s just like with any other product, and maybe harder.

    You cannot even find the best cosmetics nearby, not to mention anything related to wellness or health.  So, it is a hit or miss situation. If the brand of your choice is not available near you, you can always order online, but that beats the incentive of getting your CBD oil quickly and hassle-free. These CBD oils can also be a bit pricey. Not to mention they can be pricey and with the lower quality, as there are additional store margins included with the price. So if and when you decide to buy CBD oil near you, you should be aware of these facts. But how about buying online?

    Buying CBD Oil Online
    Buying CBD online definitely has its perks. There are so many quality brands to choose from! And they are offering a range of products – from CBD oils to topicals, softgels and vape products.

    It is always the best thing to do your research before buying anything. Any that goes for the wellness related products even more. Nowadays, brands avoid mentioning all the health benefits of CBD oils, due to some pretty wild claims found online back in the days.

    Another great thing about browsing and searching for the best CBD oil brands online is that you can find a lot of customer reviews. 

    It is another excellent way to find out more about what people are saying about the product you are interested in. But you should just not look at the reviews at the site – a broader online search would be even more helpful.

    This goes for all brands if you cannot find the brand online or it has a poorly designed website, it is better to skip it. No reputable brand would allow such a thing.

    Finding Quality CBD Oil Online
    You are determined to ingest CBD products that are safe, potent, and reliable? There is plenty to choose from online. These are the steps to follow to be confident that you are getting the real deal:

    Accurately displayed CBD Levels
    Fair and Balanced price
    Lab Tested in a third-party laboratory
    Hemp origin
    Extraction method
    Customer service and return policy

    These things all naturally lead to another - there is no such thing as cheap CBD oil. There is only low-quality hemp seed oil or something much more severely.

Why are we saying this?

These things cost. Quality hemp, sourced from the USA hemp and CO2 extracted, is not cheap at all. Lab-results from a third party lab doesn't come cheap either.

So creating a high-quality CBD product demands a lot of work and money invested. So if someone is willing to offer CBD oil for a low price, something fishy is going on.

If the price is lower than $50 for 1000mg of CBD oil, please be cautious.

THC Levels and The Type of CBD

If you are generally concerned about the THC levels and do not want to ingest this cannabinoid into your body, you should definitely opt for a hemp-based CBD oil. Hemp has lower levels of THC, and CBD oil sourced from hemp has lower levels of THC. All CBD oils are legal to buy and sell online in the US if they have below 0.3% of THC levels.

Lab-Tested Products are Safer to Buy

Safe and reliable CBD products are always tested for potency, any harmful chemicals, or heavy metals. Many CBD brands have these results transparently displayed on their websites or have it in a QR code form on the product labels.

But, if not, you can always request a report from the company you are interested in. If they forgot to send or refuse, find your CBD oil elsewhere.

These are the facts you should take into account when buying CBD oil.

Anything beyond the safety, potency, and the balanced price is a matter of the customers' taste. Excellent customer service, a lot of good reviews, and sound money back policy is also quite helpful, and it could bring you to your next favorite CBD oil vendor.

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