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In order to satisfy a contractual landlord's lien


In order to satisfy a contractual landlord's lien, under the provisions of the Florida Self­Service Storage Space Act, public notice is hereby given that the following described property will be sold at public sale to the highest bidder for cash only. The sale will be held at the times and locations listed below: 
A-AAAKey Mini Storage 1001 S. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, FL 32807 October 27th, 2016 @9:30am:: Enrique Redondo-Bench, Golf Bag, Kid’s Toys and Bags, Leonardo Nixon-Jet Ski, Tool Box and Tools, Lift, Alexis Perkins- Luggage, Toys, Bed and Movies, Hector David Aguilar-Dresser, Chairs, Table and Boxes, Ana C. Figueroa-TV, Table, Clothes and Baskets, Donald S. Eckenrod-Couch, Records, Table and Boxes, Franchesca Ortiz-Cabinets, Desk, Misc. Toys and Clothes, Alicia Calderon-Clothes, Luggage, Misc. Boxes and Bins, Johnny Hart-TV, Mattress, Boxes and Clothes, Vernesheya Brooks-Couch, Chairs, Mattress and Dresser, Cristobal Flores-Couch, Mattress, TV and Dresser, Stevens Brooks-Vending Machine, Refrigerator, Cooler and Dolly, Prisilla Vasquez- Baby Bed, baby Seat, Dresser and Golf Clubs, Mariam Uset-Freezer, Bike, Air Compressor and Dresser, Yvette Martinez-Dresser, Toys, Bins and Shoes, Alice Williams-Chairs, Tables and Bed, Pedro J. Torres-Bike, Misc. Totes, Bags and Boxes, Valerie Saint Surin-TV, Vacuum, Table and Boxes, Margaro Diaz-Washer, Microwave, Mattress and Bike, Martin Mbewe-TV, Artwork, Boxes and Bins, Crystal Imera-Chairs, Dresser, Fan and Boxes, Erica Long-Speaker, Misc. Bins and Boxes, Toys, Frans J Rovello-Luggage, Mattress, Chair and Bins, Carol Kapelke-Chair, Bike, Boxes and DVD’s, Carlos Torres-Shelf, Crates, Boxes and Totes, Jose D’Orville Maldonado-Saw, Boxes, Microwave and Table, Floyd Stewart –Dresser, Mattress, Boxes and Totes, Victor Garcia-Dresser, Mattress, Totes and Boxes, Jocelyn Bonilla-Couch, Dolls, Misc. Boxes and Bags, Frans J. Rovello-Chairs, Mattresses, TV and Bike, Alexandra M. Galarza-Minifridge, Couch, End Table and Mattress
A-AAAKey Mini Storage 5285 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32839-2307 October 27th, 2016 @11:00am:: Yolanda Merritt-Suitcases, Misc. Tubs, Boxes, Totes and Baskets, Irene Walker-Twin Mattress, Headboard and Bed Frame, Misc. Bags, Boxes and Tubs, Aaron Fenner-Floor Dolly, Men’s Bike, Couch, End Table and Misc. Boxes, Maria C. Alanis-Desk, 2 Stools, Twin Bed, Dresser, Misc. Boxes and Bags, Roberto Alicea-Large Speaker, Industrial Vaccum, Bike, Bongo Drums and Misc. Boxes.