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Orlando Weekly, Orlando's award-winning media company, has served as the city's source of alternative news, events and culture for over 25 years.

Local Community. Local Readers. Local Advertisers.
We dig deep into the issues that affect our community and we fearlessly cover the most important things happening in Orlando's cultural landscape. We are the voice for Orlando's fun, intelligent, socially conscious night owls and like our readers, we want to make this city a better place to live, one story at a time.

Orlando Weekly delivers an outstanding audience of adults who are educated and active in the marketplace. As our advertisers will tell you, Orlando Weekly gets results!

Our readers have 3-4 times more interest in local verticals than the average internet user, and are more likely to be young professionals with a vested interest in their local community.
Source: Quantcast


We also extend beyond the website and magazine to reach over 290,000 people across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our followers are local, highly engaged, and turn to the Orlando Weekly for where to shop, eat, drink and explore in Orlando.

Orlando Weekly understands that a well-rounded advertising plan must include SEO services in this day and age. That’s why we offer services that encompass increasing your local search ranking, website optimization and content, social media marketing, and paid search, to name just a few.

We can also offer audience extension services, reaching demographics and specific purchase intent to pinpoint your message to your potential customers. And on top of all that, we can deliver your messaging to our subscriber list to truly provide a direct marketing call-to-action. One size fits all is a thing of the past - all of our plans are highly customizable to suit your initiative, desired audience and budget.

Orlando Weekly produces a variety of festivals and boutique events throughout the year, reaching a broad range of local consumers with an interest in culture, dining and nightlife. Our event portfolio includes some of the city's most beloved fests, like United We Brunch, Whiskey Business, Beer Merica, Bite Night, Tacos & Tequila, Best Of Orlando, Cocktail, Big Gay Brunch, Orlando Beer Fest, and Sweet & Savory. Sponsor an Orlando Weekly event, and you get so much more than logo placement. Custom on-site activations, category exclusivity, data collection, pre and post mini-events - you name it, we can do it.

Not only do most of Orlando Weekly's events sell out every time, but we’re constantly expanding our events to appeal to wider and larger audiences. From beer events, to food events, to music events and beyond, we’ll make your on-site presence highly successful.
More than 672,000 readers turn to Orlando Weekly in print and online every month to plan their social calendar and stay in the know on the latest in news, arts, and culture and events. Orlando Weekly is published every Wednesday. Space reservation and copy deadline for display advertising is 5 pm Wednesday, one week prior to publication.

In addition to our constant print and digital presence, Orlando Weekly produces multiple lifestyle magazines throughout the year. From Summer, Fall, Newcomers, City, Spring, and Holiday Guides, to Pride Issue and Bite Magazine, to Best Of Orlando, we have the content our readers want and the audience you need.

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