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A cool idea for Al French


For months people have puzzled over what land speculator Al French will do with the property he's acquired on downtown Orlando's west side.

There's still no answer, but this weekend artist Dan Erminger plans to transform one of French's vacant lots into an appliance-store version of Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument erected around 1500 B.C. in England. Originally planned for Loch Haven Park, Fridge Henge wound up at Division and West Church streets after Mayor Hood's office nixed Erminger's original plan, the artist says. The refrigerators -- otherwise headed for the scrap heap -- are being donated.

Tourists are kept out of reach of Stonehenge but Erminger promises a multisensory alternative. "It's really about getting up to it, to touch it and feel it," he says.

Ditto the Parramore neighborhood -- before French turns it into a relic, too.