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Whether he was a charter member, a temporary fill-in or just a compatriot in some productive jamming, Longo has been deeply involved with some of the area’s most notable bands. “We could go on and on about the ex-bands,” he says. “I’ve gotten better `over the years` at seeing the big picture and micromanaging different things.

“I wanna do all these little things to make my life as quality as I can, and be happy.”

Mechanical Bull “It was a terrible name. But it was my first chance to play music with other people.”

Adventures in Immortality “After two years, we changed the lineup and changed the name, then we changed the name again. It finally ended in 1998. After so many changes, we just decided it was over.”

The Hot Six “We played a lot, and Ryan at `the old` Back Booth booked us a lot, so that helped me meet a lot of people.”

Discount “I was driving up to Gainesville in the hopes of playing in a band. I jammed a little bit with the Discount kids, but nothing really came of it.”

Telephone “Scotty `Long, bassist` worked in the kitchen at Enzian with me and Spanky `Daviero, of Telephone`, so they asked me to step in when `Long` left to join the Hex Tremors.”

Red Card “Oh yeah, there was this band Red Card I played with for a while.”

Knup/New Roman Times “When I started playing `guitar` with New Roman Times and `bass with` Knup, that was the first time I was really playing full-time in two committed bands. That’s when I realized that maybe you could make it work with polar-opposite people. Brad Palkevich’s ideas about music and Dan’s `Owens` ideas about music couldn’t be more different.”

The Country Slashers “For a while, it was just the Slashers. But even then, we went through a lot of change: We were a five-piece originally, and then we changed all members and became a four-piece.”

Derek Lyn Plastic “I went on tour with them for a little while.”

Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys “Oh yeah `laughs`, I played with the Image Boys on that tour too.”

Mumpsy “I’d like to think that I’m the guy `Jeff Ilgenfritz` wanted, but I think that I’m the guy he got. Mumpsy’s probably not my strong suit, but it teaches me a lot of shit. And it’s way fun.”

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