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America's plans for Havana



Orlando: home of boy bands, theme parks and cola?

The delightfully named America Vaughan, the creator of Havana Cola, lives in Winter Park, and her uncommonly local -- and uncommonly refreshing -- pop has been available since 1993.

The logo on the bright red can says "virgin Cuba Libre," and that's basically what HC is: cola made with pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup (Sucralose in the diet version) and real Key lime juice.

Sorry, there's no rum, but I bet you can find some yourself. Vaughan says a new bottle with artistic cigar-label packaging should hit the shelves soon.

Havana Cola even sponsors a NASCAR racer.

You can order Havana Cola at, pick up a few cans at the Powerhouse Café in Winter Park or Medina's Grocery on Washington Street, or annoy your local Publix until they stock it.