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Backyard grilling without the effort



Along with the longer daylight hours and warmer weather comes grilling season. But if you're not interested in slaving over hot coals (or cleaning the grill afterward), you can get your fix of smoked meats at Back Yard Burgers, an order-at-the-window joint (290 S. State Road 434, Altamonte Springs; 407-862-0660).

There are plenty of options, but the specialty burgers are what makes this place stand out. The "blackened burger" is a favorite, seared with seasonings and topped with cool slaw; so is the signature "Miz Grazic's" spicy burger, named for the fiery peppers in the sauce that glazes the meat. There's also a "Hawaiian burger" topped with grilled pineapple. They weigh in at a third of a pound and are priced at about $3. Team them up with Cajun fries, hot blackberry or peach cobbler, or a hand-dipped strawberry shake. A second location is planned for the UCF area this summer.