Bad Movie Night: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

When: Wed., May 27, 7:45 p.m. 2015

It was the 80iest of bad ’80s movies – a tale of a misunderstood preteen named Dodger (played by Mackenzie Astin!) who works in a junk shop and wonders if he’ll ever fit in. Then one day, a mysterious garbage pail from outer space that oozes green slime shows up in the junk shop and from it emerges a slew of characters straight off those weird, short-lived trading cards that were all the rage for a hot minute in 1987. Windy Winston (who farts all the time), Messy Tessie (who is a slob), Valerie Vomit (who vomits), Ali Gator (who bites people’s toes) and other very badly designed, Cabbage-Patch-Kid-gone-wrong-looking puppet characters burst forth and wreak havoc on a world inhabited by bullies sporting mullets, gold chains and bad outfits. This movie is bad – like, truly bad – and Astin signed onto the starring role without informing his father, actor John Astin, in advance. When Daddy Astin saw the script, he quickly tried to extricate his son from the project because it was so career-endingly terrible. But that didn’t work, and now his son’s nearly forgotten name is tied to this project in perpetuity. Watch it tonight at the Geek Easy and ponder how this thing ever got made in the first place. Try to make it through the movie to win prizes. Every drink you buy gets you a raffle ticket.

Price: free