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Polynesian delights at Thornton Park's Aku Aku Tiki Bar



Address/phone/web: 431 E. Central Blvd., 407-839-0080

After work or after hours? After hours

Beer/wine or liquor too? Cocktails, baby

Check all that apply:
(X) fancy cocktails
( ) make 'em strong and keep 'em coming
( ) wine list (5 choices or more)
( ) craft beer
( ) beer: the usual suspects
(X) wide selection of bottles (more than 15)
( ) wide selection on tap (more than 15)

Food? N

Smoking allowed inside? N

Outside drinking? N

Dog-friendly? N

Bathrooms: nightmare or not bad? Not a nightmare exactly, but the ground-floor shared bathroom is kind of grotty.

TVs? Y
What's on? On the night we visited, Point Break.

DJs? N

Loud music or background music? A tiki-appropriate soundtrack of mento and calypso mixed with oldies and '50s lounge tunes

Games? Check all that apply:
( ) pinball
( ) video
( ) pool
( ) darts
(X) other: tropical fish tank

Essay question: Why should I drink here?  
It's a dark, intimate lounge ripe for a takeover – a group of a dozen could own the place. Comfy 1950s rattan furniture, a giant tiki idol, leaning surfboards, and hanging blowfish and glass floats set the scene for sweet-but-not-too Zombies, Singapore slings and Volcano bowls. Try (not to fall over after finishing) the Tigerfucker, built from 44 North huckleberry vodka and house-made blackberry-jalapeño syrup, topped with a flaming sugar cube and served in a huge glass goblet.