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Bar Exam: The Caboose

A good place to disappear into a pitcher of beer


Address/phone number:
1827 N. Orange Ave.,

website, if there is one:

beer/wine or liquor too?
Liquor too!

CHECK all that apply:
( ) fancy cocktails
(X) wine list (5 choices or more)
(X) make ’em strong and keep ’em coming
(X) beer selection: the usual suspects
(X) wide selection of bottles
( ) wide selection on tap

food? Nope

smoking allowed?
(X) Y
( ) N

after work or after hours? After work

get laid or just get drunk? Just get drunk

outside drinking:
( ) Y
(X) N
(a few tables on sidewalk outside, but they’re working on city approval)

dogs allowed? Y N
(X) Y
( ) N
And they even have a regular named Gunner, a German Shepherd who’s quite fetching

DJ? On special nights

(X) Y
( ) N
What’s on? Sports

(X) Y
( ) N
Most likely to hear:
You used to hear classic rock, but when I was there, it was all Miley and Gaga.

games? Check all that apply:
( ) pinball
(X) arcade games
(X) pool
( ) skee-ball
(X) darts
(X) other: Awesome stripper pole and occasional burlesque

Essay question: Explain, in 50 words or fewer, why I should drink here:
The Caboose is as unpretentious as a bar gets, with loud music, a piecemeal approach to furnishing the space – which is now twice as big as when they started – and no-frills ways to get wasted with stiff drinks and domestic pitchers. You can disappear here.