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Barnyard hosts meaty revelations



Happily feeding at his trough, Leo the pig is approached by a sunglasses-clad cow called Moopheus. The dour bovine explains about The Meatrix, "the lie we tell ourselves about where our food comes from," and with one red pill, Leo's illusions are shattered.

Found at, this animated parody of The Matrix is funny, but it's also a blistering diatribe against factory farming and pollution, animal cruelty and the huge cost to communities of corporate farms. Produced by Global Resource Action Center for the Environment, the website promotes sustainable agriculture and offers alternative sources of small-farm and organic foods, including Economy Health Foods in Altamonte, Chamberlin's and The Organic Place in Kissimmee. There's also a large list of websites where you can buy organic meats, and political ways to fight the corporate Machine. Join the resistance.