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Base runner


Orlando won a victory in its effort to turn over the former Naval Training Center to developers when a federal judge threw out a local woman's lawsuit trying to halt the sale.

But Nancy Mellon, who is arguing the case herself, pledged to appeal. The lawsuit, which U.S. District Judge Patricia Fawcett dismissed on Oct. 9 for lack of standing, makes it impossible for the city to go through with its sale of the base to Orlando Partners, a consortium of development interests that plans to build a small city there. So long as the suit is alive, the acreage conceivably could be forced back into federal government hands.

Mellon says the Navy should turn the base over to other federal agencies in need of space. She says the sale is a waste of taxpayers' money. The Navy is set to sell the land, east of downtown, to the city for $4.6 million, allowing the city to make a small profit when it turns around and sells the land to Orlando Partners for $5.8 million. The closing was set for this week.