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Buddy Dyer's beard

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Buddy Dyer's beard

This was probably the toughest call we had to make, but in the deepest confines of our (hairy) hearts, we knew it was the right one. Edging out state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith and his weed-leaf socks, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and his beard iterations captivated local social media feeds as he went from a baby-faced elected official to a lumberjack-lite public servant in November to raise awareness for men's health issues. Our fashion interest was further piqued when Orlando's longest-serving mayor posted a high-school throwback photo of himself in 1976 sporting an incredibly large and fuzzy 'fro that was apparently natural. It's so poppin', we wouldn't be surprised if people went to their local hair stylists asking for Dyer's bushy bowling ball look.

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