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Forced Into Femininity live show

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Forced Into Femininity live show

Feb. 13, 2017

When Chicago's Jill Lloyd Flanagan casually confessed to horror movies being a major influence on her Forced Into Femininity project during an Orlando Weekly interview, we didn't know how deeply that obsession cut until an eerily dispassionate disclaimer played before her set that all but warned the faint of heart to flee. And from that moment – it was on. Skittering noise blasted as Flanagan threw herself at the assembled throng, clad in a cocktail dress and a mask of crumbling flesh. Melding performance art confrontation with grindhouse aesthetics and emotional empathy, Flanagan's set took place all over Spacebar and even outside, where she climbed up on the roof of the building to continue her performance. Beautiful, moving, terrifying, exhilarating, Forced Into Femininity reminded us that we are alive, why we liked music in the first place, and that there is belonging for all of us.

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