Best Local Instructional Cartoonist


Dawn Schreiner

Showcasing her recent portrait series of U.S. vice presidents, along with quirky commemorations of noteworthy dates, Maitland artist Dawn Schreiner’s Facebook wall is full of miniature illustrated lessons on life and history. Did you know that soldiers assigned to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier “can never drink alcohol or swear in public for the rest of their lives”? We didn’t either, until we read her recent Memorial Day post. Schreiner, who’s worked as a courtroom sketch artist and commercial illustrator, delights in revealing surprising or serious information with uncharacteristic whimsy. “I don’t know that I would recognize a person drowning if they were right in front of me,” Schreiner writes in one blog post, before offering a haunting (but lovely) annotated illustration of what a woman drowning actually looks like.

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