Best New Reason to Go to the Library


The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation and Creativity
101 E. Central Blvd., 407-835-7323,

The downtown library took a public stance against going out of style by dedicating 26,000 square feet of its second floor to fostering creativity within its walls through public access to innovative technologies. Thanks to a massive donation to OCLS, the space better known simply as the Melrose Center now provides studios for photography, audio recording and video production. They also have fabrication and simulation labs, an interactive media wall and a fully wired conference room that seats 30. It’s a major step for them, but it’s a greater service to us – just another addition to the library’s other cushy offerings, like home delivery of books and free courses, both of which help advance that old-timey pursuit that goes hand in hand with innovation: knowledge.

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