Best of Orlando® 2021: Patrick and Holly Kahn's Picks

Patrick and Holly Kahn founded Snap! Orlando in 2010, sparking a cultural movement in the region and helping rebrand Orlando as an international arts destination. In 2018 Snap! Orlando launched "CITY UNSEEN," the first citywide Augmented Reality site-specific public art project, in Orlando. Prior to launching Snap! Orlando, Patrick was publisher and editor in chief of The Book LA, a Los Angeles-based luxury art collectors' magazine. The Kahns were featured in Orlando Magazine's "50 Most Powerful People" issues in 2018 and 2019. As a premier organizer of new media arts, Snap!'s mission is three-tiered: recognize and honor master artists, discover and cultivate emerging talent, enhance the cultural vibrancy of the city.

There are a number of people who we appreciate and respect. They often work quietly, but always passionately. Here are some of our friends who we believe make a difference in the community, with originality and integrity. 

Brett Bennett and Katherine Howe / Stardust Video & Coffee. They created an organic creative space, which thankfully was a needed oasis when we moved from L.A. to Orlando.

Ben Hoyer / Credo is a genuinely inspiring person, and a trustworthy community leader.

Jessica Bryce Young / Orlando Weekly. Without fear, and with acuteness, Jessica keeps everyone in check.

•  Rep. Anna Eskamani is a compelling, hard-working leader who truly cares about her constituents.

Jeff Matz / Lure Design. Creative and engaged, Jeff is an artist and a true original.

Dan Hess / Maitland Art Center. Mixed-media artist, art preparator, curator and discerning art critic, Dan pours his heart into anything he does.

Melissa Marie / The Falcon Bar. A vanguard pioneer in the arts and nightlife scene.

Diana and Gene Zimmerman / The Courtesy. Guided by passion and deep knowledge, they are Orlando's original tastemakers.

Brendan O'Connor / A trusted and entertaining voice in the community. True to himself.

Joseph Creech / Hunger Street Tacos. Bringing an authentic food and art experience.

Jim Lussier / Mateer & Harbert Attorneys at Law. Jim is a longstanding advocate of the arts, very generous with his knowledge and support.

Nigel John / DJ and music producer. To know him is to love him!

Rick Birkbeck / art preparator and musician. An unsung hero, Rick has been the behind-the-scenes backbone of the visual art scene, executing major museum art installations for decades.

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