Best Place to Prove That You Are a Successful Adult by Picking Up That He-Man Figure Your Parents Wouldn't Buy You When You Were Little

Acme Superstore

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Acme Superstore

905 E. State Road 434, Longwood, 407-331-0433,

What could be more satisfying, in terms of sticking it to your doubter parents and family, than showing that yeah, you've made it in this big crazy world on your own terms and screw everyone, you will buy whatever you want with your grown-up money, including, just maybe, this He-Man figure they wouldn't buy you even after you made a big fucking scene in the store all those years ago. Acme Superstore is the land of pop culture second chances. A strip mall in and of itself that's stuffed to the gills with childhood nostalgia and collectible ephemera from the '60s to today, much of it arrayed in gigantic class cases almost artfully, in row after row. There's really nothing else like it.

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