Best Random Sample of Orlando Nightcrawlers

  • Dave Plotkin

Paul McCartney and Bret Michaels perform downtown on the same night: Saturday, May 18, 2013

WMMO Downtown Concert Series featuring Bret Michaels
Paul McCartney at the Amway Center

Several dozen cops and Guardian Angels watched nervously as a sweaty tension began to permeate Orange Avenue late on the night of Saturday, May 18. The street was closed to traffic, while hundreds of singing, celebrating music fans exited one of two big shows happening just blocks apart: Bret Michaels’ aging frat-house crowd, stumbling out of the WMMO Downtown Concert Series, intersected with Paul McCartney’s audience of boomers and grandkids, leaving the first of his two nights at Amway Center. So did this group of ill-matched mobs clash, or come together in harmony? Let’s just say that the fans of two different old white men can get along marvelously.

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