Best Use of a Steamroller

  • PHOTO BY Amber Zimmerman

“Culture Pop: Roll, Repeat,” March 14, 2014
Art & History Museums – Maitland, 231 W. Packwood Ave., Maitland, 407-539-2181,

March 2014 was an art-lover’s dream, thanks to Art31, the monthlong multifaceted celebration of creativity produced by Maitland’s Art & History Museums. Each day of the month brought at least one way to express our enthusiasm for art, whether it be looking at it, learning about it or making it. The rubber really met the road, though, on March 14, when the museum brought out a steamroller – yes, a steamroller – to press prints in front of guests at their monthly Culture Pop art party. Woodblocks by Whitney Broadaway, Rebecca Sexton Larson, Cat Snapp and Chris Ware were cradled in padding on Packwood Avenue, inked and topped with paper – then eight tons of metal rolled right over them. Heavy.

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