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Drag Queen Storytime

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Drag Queen Storytime

June 12, 2017

On June 12, the Orlando Public Library took a page out of the books of sister institutions from San Francisco to Brooklyn and scheduled a Drag Queen story hour. June 12, of course, is officially designated "Orlando United Day: A Day of Love and Kindness," and local performer Miss Sammy was joined by RuPaul's Drag Race contestant BenDeLaCreme for some G-rated storytelling for kiddies and enlightened parents. Talk about a reading rainbow! We pray that they do it again, since the reservations for 500 seats filled up faster than we could snap our fingers. But to the "concerned citizens" who tried to put a damper on this fabulous event with their officious protestations, we have this to say: Sashay away, sourpusses. No, seriously – other people's opinions matter too, so stop trying to pee on everyone's pillow. Don't like it? Don't show up.

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