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Bilingual take on fast food



Chinese fast food delivered in Spanish is the deal at Chirico, a tiny place that cropped up in a strip shopping plaza near the airport.

The dining area looks more Texas than Taiwan, with stone dividers and wood accents. Aside from a few stray tostones and pollo frito (fried chicken) dinners, the aromas leave no doubt that Chinese is the focus here. When you ask for egg drop soup ($1.50), the cashier will turn around and tell the chef to whip up some sopa de huevo. Better yet, get the sweet, gooey honey riblets (costilla al miel). They're a bargain at $5.50 and potentially addictive. Most orders are ready in less than three minutes. But if you're in an even bigger hurry than that, fax your order ahead of time to 737-8413.