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Bleeding Rainbow’s ‘Interrupt’ is more imitation than originality

Album review: Bleeding Rainbow’s ‘Interrupt’



Bleeding Rainbow
Kanine Records
★★ (out of 5 stars)

Let’s not bother with why Philly-based Reading Rainbow changed their name to Bleeding Rainbow, because, really, who cares? Instead, let’s focus on why Bleeding Rainbow decided Interrupt was a necessary album. Last year, Rainbow’s Yeah Right release dove headfirst into the never-ending pit of droning shoegaze, with plenty of Sonic Youth and Slowdive to spare, but this year’s Interrupt latches on to catchier, more melodic pop-rock and pop-punk ventures, adding a good dose of minimal four-to-the-floor beats. The problem with Interrupt isn’t that it’s bad in any particular way; it’s that it doesn’t differentiate itself. Whether it’s the “My Bloody Valentine Song” – excuse me, “Monochrome” – or the punchy punk classic “Start Again” or the pop-punk melody of opener “Time and Place,” most songs feel like imitation rather than creation. And while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery among artists, it just doesn’t do us listeners that much good.